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Sankey S-type coupler keg fiting

S-type keg coupler connector.

One of the most common keg connectors used in the United Kingdom.

Used with a lot of Heineken brands including Amstel, Kronenbourg and Moretti.  Also used for Carlsberg, Strongbow and Fosters.

Sankey Cleaning socket 

A-type beer keg fitting

A-type keg connector fitting

A-type keg coupler connector.

The A-type (Horse shoe) keg connector.

Is commonly know as a Guinness type keg coupler, click on the image for more details.

For use with Guinness, Pimm's, Hoegaarden and many others.

A-type cleaning socket

keykeg connector fitting

Keykeg coupler, solely for use with Keykeg kegs.

Keykeg cleaning socket

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