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Sankey keg couplers

Sankey keg coupler

S-type or Sankey keg coupler connector.

One of the most common keg connectors used in the United Kingdom.

sankey keg coupler Usually used for Asahi, Amstel, Beamish, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Courage best, Freedom, Fosters, Heineken, John Smith's, Kronenbourg, Strongbow, Stowford press, Marston's, Peroni, McEwan's. Tetley's, Woodpecker.

Please check with your keg supplier.

John Guest fittings sold separately

  • All stainless steel construction

  • 1/2" thread

  • 316 stainless steel on all parts with product contact

  • Self locking handle

  • Available as basic unit or with customers choice of gas & product fittings

  • Body cast with date of manufacture

  • Comprehensive parts and re manufacturing facility

Wall cleaning sockets for sankey keg couplers are also available in our online store

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