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Lindr 40/k twin tap dispenser

Lindr 40k
Lindr beer dispenser
Twin tap beer cooler

Lindr Kontakt 40k double tap dispenser for serving draught products directly from a keg.

These dispensers have a built in air compressor for pushing the liquid out of the keg without the need for a gas on keykegs and similar bag type keg systems. The model is now the go to system for many craft beer festivals around the UK.

  • No need for gas cylinder for short term use. Steel kegs will go flat after 24 hours when gas isn't used. Keykegs or similar kegs with a bag inside can use the air compressor permanently with no issues.

  • No need to fill dispenser with water (unlike most dispensers)

  • Just 5 minutes from connecting to pouring ice cold pints (instead of 2-4 hours)

  • Suitable for commercial use

  • Quiet, stylish, portable, compact design conforming to all UK & EU standards

  • Connects to all standard kegs, e.g Carlsberg, Foster's, John Smith's, Strongbow Cider, Heineken, Peroni etc.

Product Information

Output or performance (in lit./hour): 35-40L/hr, max 50L/hr.

Time required to cool: 2-4 min

Refrigerant: R-134a

Weight: 29.3

Amperage: 2.18 A

Wattage: 501w

Dimensions: 227mm x 331mm x 426mm

Lindr and PortaPint dispensers are available in our online store

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